Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In praise of doilies

I would like to take a moment to muse on the humble doily.   I have just spent the better part of last month crocheting doilies and, while not exactly difficult to make, they can be a wee bit tricky and require a bit of concentration on the part of the crocheter.  In many ways, I found them more difficult to make than a sweater (which will usually have a "continue in pattern stitch for 10 inches"- brainless!!)
Why have I done this when only days before embarking on my project I came across a flea market vendor selling antique ones for $1 each.  Looking at the vendor's giant overflowing box I couldn't help but think of how many hours of handwork were moldering away inside, though I would suspect that many of the people buying these items have never made a doily in their life and thus could not appreciate the effort involved.  Anyway, I still can't come up with an adequate reason for making my own doilies other than I had a lot of size 30 thread laying about and . . . well . . . I just sort of got hooked (heh) on the process.

Ah!  Doilies on denim.  Lovely!

(this one would not lay flat and sort of reminded me of a beret, so I tried pining it to my head with questionable results)