Wednesday, January 21, 2009

After this past weekend I have come to terms with the fact that I am really quite bad at packing for trips or any sort of time spent away from my own home. If I have any sort of individual style, it comes from having an enormous array of clothing choices available to me when I'm at home. When it comes to holidays and vacations I'm always poorly dressed. The above outfit is a perfect example. This is what I wore to work on Monday, (frankly, I spent Sunday cheating and wearing a sort of cross between this outfit and Saturday's). I had planned to wear a far more ambitious little ensemble, but when I woke up it was grey and I hadn't planned for it being anything other than unseasonably warm. I had to scrounge this together to keep from freezing. The sweater itself is another example of my poor packing skills. I had to buy it at a Gap outlet up in Sonoma when I went up to my cousin's wedding and forgot to pack anything warm to wear in the evening (at the time I blamed it on a 12 hour flight followed by a 8 hour drive to get there). This was the only thing that remotely matched my outfit, and while I find it a very handy sweater, it's not exactly the most exciting piece in my wardrobe. The jeans are also from the Gap, but were bought in Belfast. They are boot cut and I have very strict rules for myself regarding the wearing of boot cut jeans. Most of the time I wear them with large cuffs.

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