Sunday, February 22, 2009

a very long weekend

This was Friday. I work with this one guy who always wears nice suits to work. Customers always think he is my boss instead of the other way around. This outfit is in response to a yet another customer the other day who thought that. This is the only suit I own, but hey, if you're only going to own one suit, it may as well be a vintage Pendleton one. I got this at a thrift store in New Orleans in 1997. I'm not sure where I got the brooch from, but I really felt I needed some sparkle on this outfit. I have never quite got the hang of brooch placement. They never seem to look right when I pin them on.

Saturday was a very hectic day. This is what I wore to work and later to hang out with a bunch of ladies I hadn't seen since high school. The sweatshirt is from H&M. When I bought it, it was being displayed in the store over a collared black shirt much like this one. I though it was a good look. The shirt is from Rogan Gregory's Target line last year. I really want to like Rogan's stuff. I very much agree with his politics, but his clothing just doesn't really thrill me the way fashion should.

Later that night we played a show at Pehrspace with The Gowns. I was running late and grabbed what I could find quickly (this project is beginning to make a mess of my bedroom - or maybe I should say more of a mess). The stripy shirt is from H&M. I think I wear it a lot for shows. The jacket was a Xmas present from K. It is the most buttery leather I have ever felt, but is starting to get a bit trashed around the neck.

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