Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

I bought this dress in Seattle at a vintage clothing store whose name escapes me (Red Light?). I remember it was hanging in the window and being sort of tickled that I was the sort of girl who would buy the window display (sad no?). Yes, I'm aware that wearing this colour today would be an invitation to get my ass kicked in certain parts of the world. I'm not doing it out of any sort of disrespect to the Republic of Ireland, but more to show my genuine love for Northern Ireland. I get very sick of the Americans I meet treating it as though it a) does not actually exist or b) is a place peopled with folks who wish they were English. Even though it seems that these days any news from over there is of people behaving extraordinarily bad, I still love it very much and am very happy that I was able to call it home at one point in time.

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