Thursday, April 2, 2009

This is how boot cut jeans are meant to be worn . . . with boots!!! The denim jacket is from a thrift store in San Francisco.

(Can you see my cat hiding behind me there?). These pants somehow looked a bit comedic in the other pictures I took of them - baggy at the top and tight from the knees down. I don't think they looked like that in the flesh though. They are a very subtle pinstripe, and inspired me to wear the striped shirt. The shirt is from Topshop. I got it deeply discounted, so I think it was one of those designs that just didn't work for the general public (I'm almost always buying that sort of thing) possibly because of the slightly awkward neckline. Is it a cowl? Is it a scoop? No! It's somewhere in between. The bangle is Giles Deacon for New Look. This is the only thing I have ever bought from that particular store. I always get a fair amount of complements on it when I wear it, generally along the lines of "That looks sort of like one of those insects incased in resin".

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