Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I was feeling a bit under the weather so I chose this sweater and jeans combo. The sweater is an old Sears one that I bought at Dumpster Values in an attempt to replace a similar black sweater that was starting to fall apart. Well, both sweaters are black, soft, and have had the necklines cut, but sadly that's where the similarities end. My beloved original sweater fit me really well and flattered my shape nicely. This thing is boxy and does nothing whatsoever for me AND it developed holes in the elbows almost immediately after purchase!! Oh well, since I used to be a punk rocker having holes in my clothing is not really a problem (once a punker, always a punker perhaps?). I've even briefly considered making it my signature style once, when I came across a seriously disintegrating trove of amazing 1930's evening dresses. Miss Haversham chic anybody? The necklace is from H&M's collaboration with Marimekko, because I really feel if you are going to have your clothes in tatters, you need to add a touch of something fabulous to it.

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