Monday, June 15, 2009

The shirt is from a Tuscon thrift store, I think I may have written about it already. It is one of the most reliable pieces in my wardrobe, so I find it hard to believe that it hasn't gotten an outing yet this year. The skirt is also thrifted. I haven't worn it in years, it sort of reminds me of a 1970's grad student in the frumpiest sort of sense. Surprisingly, this outfit went over very well with male customers over the age of 60 (one of them, who had actually screamed at me the week before, told me "You look very attractive today"), maybe, the fact that I attempted to put my hair into victory rolls contributed. Check out my new bag. My dad is frequently bringing me bags full of clothes on their way to the Goodwill (or worse, the dumpster) and I love him for it, though it is sort of feeding the addiction. This came from the Chaffey College theatre department (my dad's favorite hunting ground for finding clothes for me).

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