Friday, June 12, 2009

Yes, the shirt is pretty and I will tell you a bit more about it later, but the big deal here is that I'm wearing earrings. I suppose I should explain that I used to have a serious earring problem when I was young. Back in elementary school, I used to wear the most hideous earrings I could lay my hands on - the bigger and brasher, the better. My #1 friend A. once said that she loved the fact that she could make the most tacky earrings and could always count on me to actually wear them. Through years of hard work and strength of character, I broke my addiction to horrible ear wear. Since then I have approached that particular piece of jewelry with trepidation, anything bigger than a small silver hoop makes me nervous. So you see, it is quite a big deal that I borrowed these lovely little floral thing from my mom (who, by the way, has quite the collection of dangly shoulder grazers). My Mom, by the way, encouraged me to purchase this Anna Sui top when I took her to Anthropologie. A few years ago I would not have been caught dead wearing this shade of royal purple, but I guess I have mellowed a bit with age.

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