Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I found this shirt buried deep in a suitcase. I know that it came into my life when I was living in Olympia, but I would be hard pressed to tell you whether it is something I bought for myself or whether it was a gift from a well meaning roommate. As you can see, it could do with a bit of taking in at the side seams, but I really love the pattern (it reminds me of wheat) so I think a little altering would be worth the effort. You would think after the last two weeks, I would never want to look at these boots again, but apparently not, as this picture proves.


  1. i think it might be from this particular well meaning room mate, it looks sort of familiar; is it a crepe-y material?
    it's definitely cute but if you found it buried deep in a suitcase you could probably live without it. sell it on etsy!

  2. I definitely remember that you gave me something black and red, but I might be confusing this with a red scarf with black horses on it. Sound familiar?