Friday, October 16, 2009

I find that I have been wearing entirely too many pairs of jeans lately and came up with this outfit as a much needed antidote. I always refer to this as a bubble skirt, but I don't think that's necessarily an accurate description. I picked it up in Olympia, and though I'm not sure where I got it, I do recall that it figured heavily in a 80's themed outfit I wore once to a party. The green Eddie Bauer sweater is the first and only article of clothing I've ever owned from that company. I plan to add a bit of beading around the neckline, but for the moment I've gone with this bow tie instead. This is actually just a long thin piece of jersey that I found in my fabric pile and tied on. Those with sharp eyes will recognize it as the same fabric I used to make this dress. I guess subconsciously it might be inspired by the fact that American Apparel have been selling bags of their scrap fabric to the public, which I guess is a cool and eco thing to do, but you've got to be a real chump to pay $8 for a sack of jersey scraps.

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