Monday, October 5, 2009

More job hunting today. I have on an Anthropologie top, a Free People skirt, House of Holland tights and shoes from Miss Sixty.

Okay, so I may have had a few pints before deciding to climb the roof of this fast food establishment. As you can see I am clearly very enthused about being up there. The black sweater (the same one as below) I bought at a vintage clothing store in Buffalo NY when I was 16. I almost lost it my freshman year of college when, in a fit of drunken bravado, I lent it to my friend B. (I should probably explain that it was the middle of Winter in Olympia and neither of us were properly dressed for a night out). She then left it at a stranger's house. To her credit, I eventually got the sweater back several months later. These days it is missing all but two of its original buttons, but otherwise in good condition for the amount of wear it has gotten. It also has an odd old-fashioned shape to it. I think it wants to be worn over some serious 1950's corsetry because it is very tight at the waist and full on top. The brown shirt is another from my great aunt.

This is the sort of thing I wear when I don't leave the house all day.

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