Monday, November 23, 2009

Okay, so these past two days I've been embracing the squalor of semi-unemployment and have worn the same sweater two days in a row (!!!!). I should probably just get rid of this sweater, and would have done so long before now if it were a hand-me-down or thrift store purchase. But sadly this is not the case - I actually spent something like $25 on this top back in high school (a fortune for the 16 year old me, and even now an amount I would have to seriously consider before dropping on an impulse buy). I have such an aversion to sending such clothes to the Goodwill, so I tried to give it to my mother who turned it down saying the colours made her look "like death warmed over". I guess I will be holding onto this for awhile longer til I can find someone who really loves it. Any takers?

This is Monday's incarnation of the sweater. Today I left it loose, rolled the sleeves up a bit and added a scarf (actually it's this sweater) and rain boots.

On Sunday, I pinned up the back to give it a tighter fit around the hips and paired it with my current favorite Free People boots and a necklace of my late grandmother's.

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