Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This shirt is from Uth, a British line that I am pretty sure is no longer with us (I just spent several minutes trying to find some sign of them online to no avail). The top is a bit too cropped for my taste hence the use my trusty tube top cum waist cincher. The tube top is from mall punk superstars Hot Topic. Most people I know have a problem with Hot Topic, but I would be lying if I were to pretend I didn't go there to buy Joy Division shirts at age 13. Back then HT was not the mega chain it is today, but a single store based at my local mall where one could get black nail polish and Manic Panic (I found this interesting piece on the history of the company, if you're interested). I guess what I'm saying is that Hot Topic and I sort of grew up together, and though I never shop at it these days (or even pass by it without feeling very very old), I have to give it some sort of respect.

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