Friday, October 29, 2010

Well here we are, two days before Halloween (and when it comes down to it, all the good parties are going to be tomorrow on Saturday night) and I still haven't decided on a costume. Since last year's was understated to say the least, and since this year's will probably be in the same vein, I thought I would share with you what was probably the most striking costume I've ever donned. I made the hat out of too many styrofoam cups and wore it to a club in Belfast where for the first few hours I was the belle of the ball. After that, as everyone became increasingly inebriated, I just got harassed by drunks who wanted to rip pieces of my costume off me (my gentleman friend almost got into several fights defending the hat's honour). I ended up tossing the damned thing into the centre of the dance floor and watching everyone cheer and smash it to pieces. I went home that night feeling very tiny.

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