Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Sweater Challenge Update

Well . . . I tried.  Here is how far I got:

This one is probably going to be finished in the next couple of days.  I have a small amount of sewing left to do, and cuffs still to knit.

This one is also very nearly finished.  I just need to find some ribbon to weave into the picot edge and I need someone to help me adjust the straps.  Given the temperature at this time of year, I have not been too keen on standing around in a camisole while someone fiddles about with the adjustments and thus . . . not finished in time.

I'm pretty sure all the knitting on this sweater is done, I just can't find the instructions, so I'm not entirely sure how it should be constructed (the sleeves seem reasonable enough, but looking at that collar baffles me).

Another one I cannot find the pattern for.  This one is particularly sad because my lovely merino wool is now covered in tiny moth holes, so in addition to finding the pattern and sewing the collar and neck zipper, I now have to mend about 10 holes.

I do have the instructions for this one, but stupid me ran out of yarn and will now have to try to order something similar (you can clearly see where I had to switch yarns previously).  

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