Wednesday, January 2, 2013

6am and on my way to work here.  It is very cold in my house these days, so I find myself either "sunbathing" on the back deck (with large sunglasses and a larger brimmed hat pulled down over my face) or bundled up in big coats like this one.
I tracked this stupid coat halfway across Europe.  Saw it first in Barcelona, but at the advise of one of my more jetsetting companions was told to wait til we got to Andorra where I could buy it tax free.  Well, it was either not to be found in Andorra or significantly more expensive (can't remember which - alas how the years do fly), so back in Spain I scoured all the Zaras I could find to no avail.  Ended up buying it back in Belfast at the most expensive price yet, but by that time I considered that the coat must be had at any cost (well not quite any cost, I believe it was around £70 - a small fortune for me).

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