Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hello readers!  Please forgive me for my unreliable postings.  It seems I don't have any problem taking pictures or writing up posts, but somehow the simple act of uploading photos from my camera causes all sorts of procrastination.
Tonight I discovered for myself the joys of cuffing the sleeves of a blazer.  It's something I see done all the time at work (I would say more often than not any blazer we sell is going to merchandized with it's sleeves cuffed), I had just never tried it out for myself.  I think this is probably because most of my blazers are bracelet or 3/4 length and so never really need it.  This Topshop blazer, however, covers a good portion of my hand and clearly benefits from the treatment.  Also on display here we have a Banana Republic sweater and UO necklace.

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