Thursday, January 10, 2013

vulpes vulpes

So far this year most of what I've been wearing are things that I've owned forever (or at least things I owned at the time of the last wardrobe project).  We are now entering into new territory.
You may recognize this T-shirt from a certain store.  It comes in several colourways, but this fox one is undoubtably our most popular and keeps selling out every time we restock it.  I am told by the people who tell us these sort of things, that the fox is the animal of the moment (knocking the owl off it's perch as it were).  All I can say about this is "Hooray" - now I have a chance to stock up on some vulpine related gear.  I love foxes and I feel an almost proprietorial interest in the species having spent my later teenage years playing in a sort of fox related punk band.


  1. that's how i feel about foxes too. it's a really cute shirt! great outfit!