Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The decision to post this picture has given me some serious pause.  This is the best of a series of terrible pictures.  So why post at all?  It's my blog after all and I control the content, surely I am under no obligation to share anything I don't want to right?

Well . . . sort of . . .

Anyone who's seen my house knows I have a terrible time throwing things away (we're talking useful things here people, there is no rotting food or mummified cats lurking in my cupboards) and this extends to intangibles like ideas.  So the fact that I took this picture with the intent to post kept nagging me and holding up the posting of subsequent entries.  In the end I have decided to just publish and be damned.

So, shall we talk about the picture in question?  Several months ago I bought a series of treatments at a local spa.  Most of them have been of the sauna and massage variety, but today's bill of fare was an eyebrow sugaring and mineral makeup application.  I told the makeup artist to go wild and here are the results - what I refer to as "drag queen makeup".  Of course it is far from that, but as someone who never wears more than some lipstick and possibly a bit of eyeliner, having a full face of powder, blush and what have you is a bit much.  She also did a bit of a smoky eye thing on me, a trick I have never mastered and don't really think suites me all that well (I'm much more of a flicked liquid eyeliner sort of gal).  Anyway, here I am moments after undergoing the brush.

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