Friday, February 1, 2013

Well, as always happens on a Friday night, I stayed at my parent's house in order to be closer to my record store job and as always happens, if I have 5 items to bring with me I can only ever seem to remember 4 of them.  Tonight unfortunately it was my camera that got left behind so I am making due with Photobooth.  I actually love Photobooth and would probably use it to take all my photos only it does make it a little harder to get the top to toe shots that are so important to the recording of one's outfit (I have enough trouble not cutting off my feet with a regular camera).
I call this my "hedgehog love" sweater.  I love hedgehogs, most people love this sweater (one coworker said "If I owned that sweater, I'd wear the s*** out of it") and these hedgehogs seem to be feeling the love as well.  Therefore a perfect top for the Valentine's season.

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