Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tonight I learned firsthand how very hard it is to photograph your own hands without the use of a tripod or other such device. 
 Here I have attempted to hold the camera between my chin and collarbone with questionable results.

And here, I have resorted to good old Photobooth.  

Anyway, I just wanted to show off my rings because it is a bit of a departure for me to wear more than one at a time.  The largest one is my latest purchase from FP.  The tiny pinky ring next to it I got in high school (I can't remember where exactly, but I want to say it was some sort of street fair stall or something similar).  The smaller turquoise ring is a long time favorite which I actually lost after wearing and posting it on this blog four years ago.  As so often happens I put it in my coat pocket to wash my hands and then didn't wear the coat again for a few years.  The last ring I found on the street in Silverlake a couple of years back.
Yes, my hands are not the most beautiful or feminine in the world, but they can create all sorts of wonderful things which to me is infinitely more important and for that I love them.

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