Friday, December 19, 2014

Getting back to the original mission of the garment thread here.  Yes, I realize I took a non-selfie vow about a year ago, but as I have already broken it with the below pictures of my Halloween costume (it's a bat by the way), I figure the floodgates are open.  And anyway, as these were shot by the long suffering husband, they do not technically count as selfies.

Mr B and I have been hard at work on another fabulous new venue here in Belfast - him very much more than me since that's what he gets paid for, but I did choose the paint colours, the curtains and upholstery and had some input into the furniture choices.  A not insignificant contribution if I say so myself.

Anyway, at the end of these projects is the inevitable opening night party where we get dressed up and have our pictures taken by some NI gossip rags who never end up using them in their sad magazines because a) we're nobodies b) Mr B has real talent for making himself look terrible in photos and c) I'm not "glamorous" enough in the grand footballer's wives tradition of the word.  Case in point: this was by far the longest dress seen on the premises that evening.

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