Sunday, January 25, 2009

Coat: Target, Mossimo. I remember in 6th grade Mossimo and Stussy were THE clothes to be wearing, not that anyone ever bought them for me. I love this jacket! It's light weight enough that I can wear it all day as though it were a blouse. For some reason it didn't really seem to sell very well at the Target stores around my area. I saw loads of them sit on the rack for ages and then end up in the clearance bins.
Pants: Dickies borrowed from V. I have offered to give them back to him on several occasions, but he has basically relinquished control of them (I'm not sure he actually fits them anymore). I haven't really worn them for a while, maybe I will get into the baggy pants thing again, but there is the problem of finding shoes that work well. R. thinks mary janes are the way to go with baggy trousers, but I don't own any. The ones I'm wearing here are from Office. Here's another picture of today's outfit.

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