Monday, January 26, 2009

My friend R.'s Wardrobe Remix pictures always look amazing. She says it all has to do with using outdoor lighting, so I thought I'd try it out this morning. I came by this outfit quite accidentally, these two items happened to be together on the same hanger and I decided the colors looked nice. The jacket is one of the last items I bought before giving up clothes shopping. It is from Anthropologie. Ah Anthropologie, that dark path to financial ruin I had been slipping down this past year. It is amazing the effect that store has on women. Let me give you some examples: First, my friend T., who is probably bankrupting herself at that store (and looking great in the process). She has almost talked me out of my new clothing boycott with the idea that we will buy some outfits there to wear in our band's album shots (hey, if it's part of the overall artistic concept, who am I to say no right?). Secondly, my friend A. who is usually very frugal when it comes to clothing, and has very high ethical standards when it comes to buying mass produced items. She gets really sheepish when she admits that the sweater or hair clip I have complemented her on comes from Anthropologie. Then there is my friend Mrs. N. who was so very excited when telling me about all the goodies she had been given from that store for Christmas. The list could go on . . .
The skirt I got at either a rummage sale or a citywide yard sale in Claremont. I've had it since high school. It used to have slits up the sides which I sewed up. The tights (which are ribbed, though you can't tell here) just appeared in my stuff one day years ago. I figure this means they used to belong to my Mom or to an old roommate. I don't remember buying them or being given them.

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