Monday, January 5, 2009

Yesterday's outfit

I think those are supposed to be palm fronds on my skirt, though they've always looked like pot leaves to me. I've had this skirt for so many years that all I can really say about it is that I bought it at a Pomona thrift store sometime in the late 90's. It's made of a lovely crepe material that makes it feel a lot older than it probably is (no label to give me a clue here). The shirt is from Richard Chai's Target line. I didn't really think I was going to like his line based on the preview pictures, but once it hit the stores I was pleasantly surprised and went ahead and bought 4 or 5 items. You can't really see the tights here, but they have little chevrons running up and down. They were one of those 2 for $20 deals at Urban Outfitters, so I have an identical pair in grey. The shoes, as before, are from Camper.

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