Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This is yesterday's outfit. The sweatshirt is from Topshop. It is the only top I can wear with these pants. The pants are from The Gap. I bought them in Glasgow for £1.50, which, looking back, was probably the main selling point as they are rather awkward to wear. This is probably the reason they were only £1.50. At any rate I've been almost ready to donate them on several occasions, but never seem to be able to. As I've said, they really only go with the above black sweatshirt. On one occasion in college, I was wearing them when a fire alarm went off in our dormitory rooms. Because it was a particularly cold Scottish winter, I grabbed the nearest coat I could find before I ran outside. It happened to be a 1950's leopard print faux fur. I hope you can use your imagination to picture how ridiculous I looked, because I hope never to repeat the mistake - I spent half an hour hiding til we the fire department let us get back into our flats. The shoes are from Office. They are comfortable up to a point, so I don't generally wear them to work.

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