Thursday, February 5, 2009

I was doing my teacher's assistant gig today and I think this outfit very much fits the part. The sweater is Calvin Klein which I found at Marshall's. I had an older gentleman at work complement me on the color. He said that there are certain shades of green (the implication being that this was one of them) that you only find in California. He liked to call it "California green". I think of it as almost a sage green. There is a wonderful tiny line of orange running through the back neckline on the inside that looks smashing against it. The shirt underneath was a hand me down from my friend K. I think it looks better worn under sweaters than on its own. The skirt was a gift from Mrs. N., I think she may have gotten it from her friend J. but the label shows that it was originally purchased at H&M. Generally I don't have time for things like flesh colored nylons, but I make an exception if they have seams running up the back which this pair do.

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