Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's been raining like crazy for the past two days, so my outfits are more about being cozy than anything else. The jacket I wore today is from Levi's. I bought it at their store in Belfast and it's the only article of clothing I have ever purchased from that brand. I've tried on their jeans in the past, but even the so-called skinny ones are too baggy for my liking. This jacket is generally a crowd pleaser. I remember my old bandmate L., who is a bit of a pretty boy, begged me to give it to him. He said it would look better on him than on me and he is probably right about that. Nevertheless, it is the only denim jacket that I've really loved since the acid washed one I wore in 3rd grade and I'm not parting with it. The cords are the same ones I wore yesterday.

I think the last time I wore this sweater was in 1996. It's missing a button and has a few holes in it, but is still in pretty good shape despite those things. I'm really not sure if I should get rid of it or not and I would really appreciate some feed back on this matter. The blue shirt underneath I bought at a thrift store in Tucson on a somewhat disastrous trip there in '97. I got this and a couple of other awesome scores there, so perhaps it wasn't all bad. The pants are from The Gap and I've worn them before, but I'm fast realizing that I'm going to have to reuse my trousers, because I really don't have that many of them.

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