Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm remembering how difficult it is for me to dress well in cold weather and today's outfit is really a great example. The sweater is from a Pomona thrift store (the late Leroy's if I recall). The stripy shirt underneath is from Dumpster Values. This used to be my favorite shirt. It has a really nice square neckline. Sadly I have worn it to bits and it really isn't suitable to wear on it's own anymore. It is finishing out it's last days as an undershirt.

This jacket is from the Alice Temperly for Target line (I did tell you I went a bit mental for the collection). I got a couple of compliments from the patternmakers tonight on it. One of them thought I had made it myself - Ha! I've heard that the fabric on this doesn't age very well (I think R. has this same jacket and may have this problem). I haven't really worn it enough to do much damage yet.

Look at my crazy chicken legs!!! I don't like footless tights and I bought this pair by mistake. I bought them as part of a 2 for 1 deal at Urban Outfitters. The cozy sweater-dress is from Topshop.

This jacket I got for $1 at Jet Rag. I think it is probably my best purchase from one of those parking lot sales. It used to be my go-to jacket in college for any sort of cold weather. It's missing a button and I ripped the lining while trying hop a fence in Glasgow with my roommate M. and a certain Norwegian pop singer. He said that by ripping the lining, I would always remember that day, and he was right.

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