Wednesday, February 11, 2009

red or orange?

The great debate of the day was over the exact colour of this jacket. I maintain that it is red. My work chum A. said it was orange. And so it went, with each of us holding up different examples of red and orange to compare it to (it is more orange than a swiss army knife, more red than the handles on a pair of scissors). This outfit proved to be big winner and garnered a huge number of compliments, mostly from the 60+ crowd. One regular older gentleman said something like "Superwoman has dressed like a star today" (he calls me "superwoman" because of my tattoos, though I can't really understand why - I just go with it). This jacket is another find from the Jet Rag $1 sale. This means I must have bought it sometime in the late 90's. It is also another item that I didn't realize needed a belt until quite recently. I think what really makes the outfit though is the scarf which is Norman Norrell. I bought it for 50¢ at a yard sale. I thought I would be very annoying by wearing it with the name prominently displayed to show off for any vintage fashionistas I might run into. Instead I just had A. ask me "What's a Norrell?"

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