Monday, February 16, 2009

Usually I get some good natural sunlight for my pictures in this location, but as you can see, it was so rainy today that this picture turned out quite dark. Anyway, I think it might actually make the outfit look better than it really is. This is a sort of velveteen sweatshirt that I bought on a thrifting pilgrimage to Palm Springs with C. a few years ago. It's got some interesting detailing on the shoulders, (which would never show up in a photo so I didn't even try) but on the whole it is rather unspectacular. I bought it for the colour. Peacock blues and greens have been a thing for me the past five years or so. I even convinced an ex-boyfriend to paint our house in that shade (the interiors mind you, I'm not that eccentric). This shirt rides a bit high, so I'm wearing an American Apparel black wife beater underneath (actually I think the company may refer to this particular style as a "boyfriend beater" Ha!). I went without a belt today which looks awesome in this picture, but in reality is a particularly bad fashion habit of mine. I truly believe that belt loops are meant to be used, but I am frequently too lazy to follow my own advice. Here it looks like I'm wearing some cool high waisted trousers, but they are, in fact, the same damned black cords I have been living in the past few weeks.

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