Saturday, March 28, 2009

The shirt is from a thrift store possibly in Pomona, but maybe in some more "exotic" locale like Florida or New Orleans. I discovered at the last minute (because I generally choose my outfits at the last minute) that its missing the top button, so my Mom lent me a cameo that belonged to her grandmother to hold it together (I think the particular design might be called "Rebecca at the well"). My gentleman friend told me that the shirt was a bit see-thru and might be more inviting to lecherous characters than I would care for, so I covered it up with my trusty black cardigan. You still get a small bit of see-through, just not the full works. The hat is from Urban Outfitters. My great Aunt (who was visiting for the past week) thought it looked like something Angelina Jolie wore in Changeling.

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