Friday, March 27, 2009

This dress I bought at a thrift store in Pomona. It is a Halston dress that I cut the sleeves off of. Yeah, I always feel slight bad about "ruining" a Halston dress, but in it's original form it had huge sleeves and looked like a choir robe. I usually wear it with some sort of striped shirt (the one here is from Topshop), but today is the first time I've tried belting it. The tights are DKNY and they are the only thing I have ever purchased from Nordstroms.

I've been a bit annoyed with how much money I have spent on new mass produced clothing the past few years. Actually, the money is not so much the issue, though I could certainly do with saving some in these uncertain times. It is the sheer consumer gluttony that makes me feel a bit sick. Therefore I felt a bit self congratulatory on this outfit - all second hand, not an UO or Target anywhere in the mix. The skirt is from Dumpster Values. I used it as part of a Halloween costume one year when I dressed up as Exene Cervenka. The top is from a thrift store in Pomona. It was probably made in the 80's, but it is a nice crepe and is very reminiscent of a 1940's blouse which is why I bought it. The sweater is also from a Southern California thrift store, though I'm not sure exactly which one.

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