Monday, April 13, 2009

A customer at work asked me if this was Marc Jacobs (I don't see how that couldn't be a complement, but I'm also not sure how he thinks I can afford Marc Jacobs given where I work). I got this at the Sunday Up Market in London. The dress was £10 while everything else at the stall was around £50. After I bought it I realized why - the side zipper is completely busted. No problem in this case, I just fashioned a makeshift body suit out of a black tank top and stretch pants, and now it really doesn't matter if you can see in through the side of my dress.

My Easter outfit. This is the top half of a suit that I got at the Vintage Fashion Expo from one of my Mother's CSA buddies. I have never worn the full ensemble, I think if I ever did, I would probably need white gloves and a large flowered hat. Since I was just going to a casual family brunch at my Aunt's house, my Mom and I decided we would both go for a fancy, "spring-y" top and functional bottom. I'm also wearing a tiny ladybug necklace, but you can't see really see it.

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