Saturday, April 11, 2009

The week in review

Hooray! I finally got my new camera this week! About half of this week's pictures were taken with it. Can you tell which? I've not entirely worked out the finer points of taking self portraits with this camera yet, but who cares because I am damned happy not to have to borrow other people's digital cameras anymore.

This sweater reminds me of either a bumble bee or a rugby player. K. gave it to me and though I've always felt it didn't ever look quite right with jeans, I didn't really figure out 'til just now that what it needs is a mini-skirt, some high heeled boots and maybe even a little mod hat. I promise (if only to myself) that I will never wear this combination again.

The story behind this windbreaker is that my ex-boyfriend spent about a month trying it on at the shops (in a larger male size of course), debating whether he should buy it, not buying and then questioning whether he should have bought it for a week at which point the cycle started again. I finally got fed up and bought one myself just to shut him up. This is a Diesel jacket and I bought it around the time I was moving from Scotland to N. Ireland. Because of this I'm not really sure which city I bought it in.

One of my Aunts gave me this jacket. It's got a look that is half 1940's tailoring and half 1980's power suiting. The label is Byblos, which is a line I don't really know anything about. I think their deal is that they have a rotating cast of head designers, though I'm not sure that that is really any different from most large fashion houses these days.

Not sure if I should really be admitting this in public, but during my punk rock high school days, my Mom had some sort of arrangement with the folks who ran some of our local church rummage sales. She would show up after the sale was over and take everything that hadn't sold to the Goodwill or some other worthy institution. I seem to remember helping her on one of these occasions and "donating" a black trash sack of clothing to myself. I think that is how I came by this jacket.
This sparkly top I got at a thrift store.

This top is a Brownie Girl Scout top. It's the style that was adopted a few years after I was in the Brownies, and so probably not what the kids are wearing these days.

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