Sunday, April 5, 2009

(I wrote this last Sunday, but didn't really feel like posting it that day. For whatever reason, I felt like I had to take a week off from posting.)

Here's how I put together today's outfit. Firstly I decided I felt like wearing a skirt. This one is from Richard Chai's Target collection and was a favorite of mine last summer. Next I decided that the blue turtleneck went with the skirt's colours nicely. I've worn this top before, so I don't really have anything more to add about it. After the top and skirt were chosen I realized that it's still a little too cold for me to be wearing short skirts, so I found a pair of black leggings. Again, something I have worn before so no need to comment on it. This particular combination of skirt and leggings didn't look so great what with the black ending somewhere around my mid-calf, so I decided that whatever shoes were going to be worn needed to come above the bottom of the leggings. Really, it could only be these boots. I bought them at a thrift store in Pomona years ago and since they are not the most comfortable, I pretty much only wear them for shows. Truth be told, I haven't really worn them much at all in the last few years. So there you have the thought process behind my getting dressed this morning.

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