Saturday, April 4, 2009

The T-shirt is from the Jovovich Hawk collection for Target. The blazer is from UO. It is the first article of clothing I ever purchased online.

I've been feeling rather uninspired writing about my clothing lately, but I'm hoping this will pass. I recently had a conversation about this blog with my #1 friend A. who asked me if I felt I was meeting all the goals I set out for myself when I started. Well . . . no, not exactly. I was hoping to come to terms with my massive clothing collection and streamline it a bit. This hasn't really happened. Since January I have thrown out 1 pair of tights and gave an overcoat to R. I tried to get rid of a pair of cords, but fished them out of the Goodwill pile a week later with the idea that I could remake them into something that fit a little better. They are now in pieces and no further towards being something I can actually wear. One of my rules at the beginning of this project was not to wear the same article of clothing twice. This quickly proved to be impossible, because frankly I have no intention of wearing clothing that doesn't match just because the pieces that would look good with them have already been worn. This project has very much brought home the importance of basic staple items like solid turtlenecks, black tights, jeans and leggings (Y'know, the stuff they always talk about in "How to dress yourself 101"). Anyway I guess this little unburdening of my sartorial soul here is sort of response to A. Mostly my goal was to start this thing and have it still going in March. In that respect I have achieved what I set out to do.

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  1. Nice work miss G. I hope your inspiration returns, because I am a great admirer and regular reader of this blog. Nice blazer, by the way! and the writing is great too. keep the hits coming.