Monday, April 27, 2009

This coat came from my friend J. He was getting rid of a large sack of clothing, and as usual, I offered to take it off his hands (I find it damned near impossible to pass up free clothing). Despite previously belonging to J., this is a woman's coat leading me to believe that just about all of my male friends wear, or have worn at times, ladies clothing. It's a bit too big in the shoulder area, so when I get a bit more confidence altering raglan sleeves I'm going to take it on. The "scarf" (if you can call it that) is from Target. When I was interning at Western Costume last year, Target was the only thing worth checking out in that area during my lunch breaks. I will blame my profligate Target shopping last year on that, though I suspect it's not really the only reason. At any rate I bought this scarf/tie during one of those lunchtime expeditions. If you view this picture up close, you can see that those are tiny sea horses making up the pattern. It reminds me of a Vera pattern.

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