Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today my car battery died and I had to walk home. Thank goodness for this protective head covering! This is the first large soft brimmed hat I ever bought (Urban Outfitters, but if you are following my purchasing patterns you will have already guessed that). Like long hair, I don't really find that these sort of hats suit me. I like this one though. These shoes were also from UO, but unlike the hat they did not help me in my trek. In fact, they downright hurt my poor feet. The jeans and sweater you have already been introduced to, so let me talk a little about my newest piece - my lovely bag. I have finally switched out my purse, despite my intention of doing it every two weeks. This was a birthday gift from R. It is from her wonderful Automatic Sweetheart line. My T-shirt (which says "Thailand" on it) came from a Girl Scout yard sale back in high school. I haven't really worn it since then.

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