Sunday, May 3, 2009

My coworker T. said that all I needed was some "tinsel" in my sweater and I could be playing keyboards for Roxy Music in this outfit. That, to my mind, is the best complement I could have received. I don't even know exactly when or where I got this sweater. It just sort of showed up as though it had always been there. Everything else here has been spoken of before.

I've had this sweatshirt for almost a year and was never really happy with it til today. Why today? Well, I think it's because it was the first time I tried wearing it with a skirt. At work, an older foreign woman (wearing an excellent outfit) complemented me profusely on it and asked where I bought it. Of course I was not at all surprised when she told me she had never shopped at Urban Outfitters and I ended up saying something awkward like "Yeah I really like their clothes, but the store itself is sort of unpleasant - they play their music too loud" (like I was really going to tell her the truth - "It's generally full of hipster morons - you'd probably hate it"). The skirt is vintage from the PCC swapmeet.

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