Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This Espirit dress was my favorite back when I was 15. I don't actually remember thinking "Hey this is my favorite dress", but I always got lots of complements on it and, more importantly, I thought I looked good in it. Over the years it has slipped to the back of my closet, so that every now and then I'll see a bit of the blue flowered fabric and think "Oh yeah, there's that dress", but I sort of always figured it would look a bit dated. Well, looking at the pictures I guess it does look a bit dated, but it also makes me feel just as swishy and awesome as it always did. (I also include this little sketch my oldest friend A. drew of me wearing the dress back in the day).

I call this outfit "Backstage Supermodel". Once I saw myself in the rollers, I started thinking of all those "behind the scenes" pictures you see in the fashion magazines with the models in their sweats and half done hair dos. Generally they will be wearing skinny jeans or leggings and a punk-y top (this one is yet another McQ Target top). R. and I were taking photos for our birds of passage line today, hence the rollers (which didn't do much for my very fine hair) and my supermodel theme. Check out the pictures from our photo shoot at our etsy store and while you're there buy a shirt for yourself or your lady friends.

This tank top is from Urban Outfitters. I bought it (because it was sale mainly) thinking that I could wear it on its own. This idea was quickly revised when I tried it on, thus teaching me the beauty of layering.

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