Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A. loves this shirt. She recently told me that should I ever wish to part with it, I should send it her direction. I bought it at the PCC swapmeet several years ago (actually I can't really remember how many years ago it was). It's got an awesome retro Mexican themed print, and cut and feel of the rayon fabric makes lots of people think it's vintage (including myself when I first encountered it), but they would be wrong - the label is modern. To go with my retro Southwest theme today, I chose an old copper cuff bracelet that belonged to my late grandmother. It's an Native American motif with thunderbirds on it. To tell the truth, I was less than enthusiastic about this piece when I inherited it almost a decade ago. I'm not a huge wearer of Native American jewelry, but this piece has grown on me, and of course it has sentimental value even if I can't actually ever remember seeing my grandmother wearing it.

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