Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I bought this blouse at a Pomona thrift store (probably in high school when I did a lot of thrifting in that area). I then attempted to alter it by taking in the side seams by about 1". Since, at that point, I had a lot less sewing experience and absolutely no pattern drafting experience, I just sewed the seams straight down without taking the hip area into account. Consequently, it fits a bit tight around that area. This blouse has a tendency to pull forward, the shoulder seams never want to stay on my shoulders. I think this is because the blouse has a front facing, but no corresponding back facing. Today, I find that really odd, but back in high school I had no idea about concepts like balancing a pattern. I think these shoes look a bit stupid with the grey jeans. They are from UO and were part of my July shoe spree.

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