Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This top is another of my early experiments in refashioning a garment. It's an Oleg Cassini shirt that had long sleeves and was huge. I think I may even still have the sleeves kicking around somewhere as the idea was to cut them down to 3/4 length, tighten them up a bit and sew them back on. That sounds as much of a pain now as it did then, so I've just left it sleeveless for the time being. I took in the side seams a bit too much and ended up having to leave it open from the waist down open because I (yet again) did not have a clear understanding of how hips and garments worked together. I'm not sure where I got these shorts - I have the feeling their previous owner was a senior citizen, so it was either from some sort of church rummage sale or from my great aunt. They clearly used to be longer and the hem has been fused into place.

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