Monday, July 6, 2009

This tank is yet another one from the Urban Outfitters sale rack. I buy quite a lot of my T-shirts there because I can generally find cheap ones with interesting necklines. My Mom is always saying that crew necks make her face look terrible, and this is slowly happening to me too as I get older. I just rediscovered these jeans in a box today, they are from, where else, The Gap. The label says pencil cut (???) and as I recall I was pretty desperate to get a new pair of jeans when I bought them, because they don't really fit that well. The hips and back fit great, but the waist is too big and thus falls around my hips making them unintentionally low rise. The effect of this is a very saggy backside that is not at all flattering. I was once told by a gentleman friend that it was cute the way none of my clothes fit me - I am sure he was referring to these pants.

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