Thursday, August 6, 2009

So, before I get into discussing the, frankly rather uninspired outfit I have on here, let me tell you the big news of my day: I have just heard that Rodarte is going to be doing a collection for Target. This is all very exciting, but makes me feel more than a bit disappointed that I haven't been disciplined enough to live up to my aims at the beginning of this project. Those of you who have been following since January or who socialize with me on a regular basis (and I suspect they are one and the same) will know that was able to hold out until the McQ for Target line came out in early March. After that it seemed that the shopping floodgates had been opened and, though I have cut back considerably, I have also managed to do a fair bit of damage with the URBN stable of brands. This news about the Rodarte collaboration has left me both sheepish about my delinquency and determined to get back on track after my five months of profligacy.

Okay, back to the clothes.

It's funny the garments people think I have made myself. They all seem to be either incredibly deconstructed pieces or very high end designer ones. I actually made this T-shirt myself in an industrial sewing class several years ago, and naturally I have never once been asked if this is "one of my own". The belt came from a thrift store and had been sitting in a suitcase for who knows how long. (By the way, these little Gap skimmers are the only shoes I have brought with me, so you will be seeing more of them).

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