Monday, August 3, 2009

This is an Espirit top that I've had since high school. It came from either Marshalls or an Espirit outlet store. Confession time: I am a bit label obsessed when it comes to shopping at outlet stores. I'll look at the tag first, the price second and then decide whether I actually like the garment or not. In my mind that's the only reason to shop at those sort of stores, because really, you can get unbranded clothing for a good deal cheaper at a thrift store. At any rate, I've been practicing this sort of behavior since I was a teenager, though in those days it was all about finding cheap Espirit tops instead of Westwood or Gaultier.

So I have started my semi-annual housesitting for S. and T.. The last time I blogged from here I confessed to what a terrible packer I am, so this time, rather then try to anticipate what I might want to be wearing, I figured I would go for a lucky dip and get one of my suitcases out of storage. Well, I managed to grab the one with all the old T-shirts in it so here I am wearing a Bon Jovi tour shirt. No, I have never actually seen Bon Jovi - I bought this at a thrift store in Olympia (actually it was in Lacey) in the late 90's when we thought it was cool and ironic to wear old metal T-shirts. I love this one for it's skull on the front and for the fact that it has a bit of profanity on the back (pretty hilarious when you think about the band's actual music).

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