Sunday, September 27, 2009

I keep getting emails and messages from people who, based on my last post, are not sure if I'm back in The States or not. Well, I'm here and settling in to my new life of underemployment.

The shoes are new (they are from Office, my absolute favorite place to buy shoes), but everything else is not.

I put this T-shirt on because it was the only thing at hand that I was sure I had not worn already this year. At this point I either need to go into the deep storage and find some more Summer clothing, or the weather needs to cool down considerably. Actually, everything I'm wearing here (except possibly the socks) is new to the garment thread. But let's go back to the T-shirt shall we? I bought it at Disneyland during the 40th anniversary year of the Enchanted Tiki Room (the writing on the shirt pretty much gives this away). At one point in the day I was wondering why I ever purchased it, because I seem to remember it being a choice between the shirt and a limited edition Shag print. If I had to make that choice again today, I would own one less T-shirt. The jeans are new ones that I purchased on my recent trip from . . . yes, that's right, The Gap. For some reason the jeans from the U.K. Gap fit me much better than the ones from the U.S. Gap. I think this probably is due to the fact that they have different design teams for the U.S. and the European markets. The shoes are Miss Sixty which I picked up at T.K. Maxx.

This is a rather "barefoot and pregnant" dress (though I would like to make clear that I am neither in this picture). I bought it at for £4 at the Urban Outfitters in Belfast. Travel tip: don't bother with that particular shop. The UO in Belfast is by far the worst I have ever set foot in. I think the dress will look considerably better when I pair it with tights or leggings.

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