Friday, September 25, 2009

some holiday snaps

I had some very ambitious plans for posting here during my holidays (please refer to my entry for 7 September). Ultimately these failed to materialize. I did make a bit of an effort to keep up with my outfits, though for the most part my holiday ended up being a holiday from this blog as well. Here is a sampling of my recent trip (thanks go out to Mr. B. for snapping a few of these and to R. for dropping me off and photographing me at the airport)

I'm practically disappearing into that Saul Bass poster here (check out the blue scrunch socks).

In the Lynchian car park of the Victoria Center Belfast. (I was sad that night because I had just lost the button off this Comme des Garcon coat).

Downtown Ardara

New Burberry coat

I didn't leave the house that day.

Check-in LAX
As these pictures illustrate, I only wore one pair of boots for the last two weeks.

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