Saturday, October 10, 2009

I had completely forgotten I owned this top, which is too bad, because I could have really used it during the Summer months. I have a real dearth of light weight yet long sleeved tops suitable for warm weather. This one, I'm pretty sure, comes from my great aunt.

There are several new things going on in this picture (new to this space at least). First is my coat, which was once my mother's coat and if I am to understand correctly, it was the one she used to wear when she was pregnant with yours truly. It's a lovely full 1950's swing coat, but it doesn't have any closures on it, so I spent the majority of the night pulling it tightly around myself. Our next newcomer is my bracelet which I bought on holiday last month. It was £4, and I simply can't resist peacock feathers in whatever form they may take, so it was added to my collection. Lastly we have the sweater, just barely peeking through here. It's from Banana Republic and is short sleeved and very very soft (5% bunny hair).

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